Proofreading Service: Keys to Stronger Sentences with Copyediting

Every one of us writes. And for everything we write – from articles to emails to tweets – we have an audience of readers.

Clarity is crucial

Succinct, clear writing ensures that your audience spends as little time as possible in the “work” of reading so they can enjoy the “fun” of it. Like a movie, good writing places readers at the heart of your idea. Like a song, good writing sways their emotions.

The most vivid writing happens when you communicate an idea as clearly and concisely as you can in words. Sounds simple, right? It is. But it’s not always easy.

To complement its SEO, content creation, and content marketing offerings, Linchpin SEO has just launched three new editorial services. With our Copyediting and proofreading service, for example, the editing team will make sure each sentence is as strong as possible. Here’s a preview of the expertise we can apply to your content.

3 Keys to Stronger Sentences

1. Kick out lazy verbs (Passive Verbs and Being Verbs)
Delete these for more succinct and forward-moving sentences.

Passive Verbs
Old: The new policy was approved by the executive committee.
New: The executive committee approved the new policy.

Being Verbs
Old: I was leading the team.
New: I led the team.

2. Beef up weak subjects
Many writers fall into the trap of beginning sentences with “There are” or “It was.” Start with a clearer subject to bring your sentences to life.

Old: There are 19% more social media users this year vs. last.
New: 19% more people use social media this year vs. last.

3. Sift out filter words (saw / heard / smelled / touched / tasted / knew / realized / wondered)
This goes along with the philosophy of showing vs. telling. Don’t tell your audience that you saw or heard something; when possible, put them in that place with you.

Old: We saw the click-through rate jump.
New: The click-through rate jumped.

As you can see, all these methods made the writing tighter. Each idea comes across in fewer words. While you write, think of each idea as a blob of paint on the wall; extra words spread the color too thin. Getting your thought across in fewer words keeps it vivid and powerful.

This is just a sample of Linchpin SEO’s editorial expertise. Here’s more detail on each of our new proofreading and copyediting offerings that can strengthen your content.

Linchpin SEO Editorial Services

  • Proofreading service: a thorough check of your content, to correct basic typos including grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. This process eliminates distractions from your original intention and message.
  • Copyediting service (includes proofreading): a line-by-line edit of your content, strengthening sentence structure where needed, eliminating extra words, and correcting for consistency and repetition. Also includes suggested improvements on “display copy” like headlines and photo captions where the team sees fit. This process includes a more critical eye toward succinctness and clarity, empowering the strongest expression of your idea to rise to the top.
  • Content flow consultation (available with Copyediting or Proofreading): a broad look at the content of your article, from title to summary, offering feedback on how its structure can better serve the intention of your message. Only available in conjunction with our Copyediting or Proofreading services.

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