Facebook For Ecommerce: Case Study of Remix T-Shirts

Managing a Facebook Fan Page can be intimidating, but your business can be successful with a strategy, time and some good ole creativity.

This small business Facebook fan page evaluation was conducted in an effort to show active examples of what works and what needs to be changed.

Facebook Case Study: Remix T-Shirt Company

Who are they:

Remix T-Shirt Company Facebook Page


  1. At first the profile picture is assumed to be the company logo, but the black, red and white design is not on the company website. All online assets associated with a brand must be congruent to make it quickly recognizable by fans.
  2. The bio belongs in the About section, and a general overview of their services in the Description section. But Remix mixed them up. This is a confusing error in Facebook user design. The bigger issue is that everything is written in capital letters. WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING AT US? Spelling, punctuation, and concise wording should be a non-negotiable for every online business account. Always have a few people read through the business descriptions before posting them. The bio represents the business, so professionalism is key.
  3. The cover picture is good, but again, does not match the Remix website. Also, from a design standpoint, if the cover picture includes lettering, it must be designed around the profile picture. “Embroidery” is partly hidden, and does not look good. Aesthetics are important in every aspect because it is the design, photos or text people see first. Make a good impression on the first impression.If the profile and cover picture represented the websites, they would be near perfect.

Timeline Action since July 1st:

  1. Remix shares a lot of pictures, a LOT. They share merchandise pictures to add interest and showcase their goods. This is great because followers like visual additives. But the pictures are only effective if they include captions, are good quality and generate interaction. Only 2 of the 17 pictures have captions, and they are not engaging. Always include captions to generate discussion with media uploads. Ask a question, describe the picture or ask followers to click the “Like” button if they like it.Every picture or video uploaded to the page should be high quality. Remix advertises in-house graphic artists, but they are not showing off that talent. Spend time investing in quality assets and use the best ones. Showcase business products in the best light, always, through every medium.

    Posting a picture without a caption will not grow interaction. Ask followers if they like the products, “Would you wear these sunglasses?” or “What do you think of our newest shirt design?” Questions must be asked to receive answers.

  2. Although interaction is low – it is not dead. The followers are paying attention to picture uploads – 11 were shared. But they are not commenting. Upload pictures of customers wearing the t-shirt designs, clients standing underneath new banners, employees goofing off at work – something to give Remix a friendlier tone.Also, a follower made a comment and it went unanswered. This should NEVER happen. If a follower interacts with anything on a business page – thank them. Be polite and appreciative.
  3. The Remix brand needs a personality. Nothing about the page says warm-blooded humans are behind it. Who is Remix? What do they like? How did they start their business? Why did they choose to do t-shirt designs?Facebook created the timeline for fan pages to give brands a way to share their story with fans. Fill in the timeline with the story of the business. Share a picture of the building or basement where the business originated, the owners looking tired after a long day or a picture of the first day it opened. Take advantage of the Facebook platform and share the human side of the business.
  4. There is no content variety. They did a great job of sharing merchandise pictures, but exempt from the one post advertising a location opening, there is nothing else. Share videos, articles, cartoons, industry news, and comics – anything representative of their company culture and brand.Also, Remix should have been advertising the new location opening. Do not miss an opportunity to promote the business when an event or change is on the horizon – share it everywhere, and often.
  5. Stats since July 1st: 18 updates (17 pics, 1 regular post), 11 shares, 16 Likes on content, 11 new fans.


Remix has the basic understanding of how to manage a Facebook fan page, but they need to make some improvements. Sharing pictures without captions, not interacting with followers and showing no personality is not good. It should be a fun page, one that excites its fans with new designs, fresh uploads and funny commentary. Social media is a two-way conversation and engaging followers is a must to stay afloat in the game. I know you have what it takes, Remix – try again.

In conclusion:

What did you think about these evaluation? Did I miss anything important or do you have any ideas to share with the business? Feel free to share!


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  • Kevin

    Good example. This represents a lot of what I see on Facebook. Companies make an effort. They generally lack in “Likes” and lack in knowing what to post and when. However, it is encouraging to see companies making an effort and realizing the importance, they just need some guidance in certain areas.

    I like that you pointed out the over-use of photos and that a caption needs to be posted with each photo. Also, every photo should be posted with a purpose. It seems that posting a photo is a neat little trick that companies sometimes get proud of themselves that they learn how to do and then over-use it. Photos are GREAT, but they need to be posted with a purpose.

  • Thanks for reading the article, I am glad you enjoyed it! And it’s good to hear you agree about the photo posts. They are an excellent inclusive to sharing materials, but without a purpose, they get lost in the mix. Your input is appreciated :)

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