8 Insights For Creating Awesome Infographics That Drive Traffic

Over the past few years of designing infographics, and executing marketing campaigns around awesome inforgaphic or data visualization designs, we have gained a few insights into what works well when executing an infographic strategy. At its core this type of strategy is about creating high-value in-depth visual assets that entertain, give insights, and provide value to the primary customer type. Then marketing those graphics to influencers and through targeted visual social channels. These influencers then spread them throughout their networks, thus driving a huge amount of inbound traffic (and gaining links) to whatever website the infographic is on (which is why it is so important to have a place on the clients site to put it).

Infographics: Are informational representations of content coupled with data.
Data Visualizations: Are visualizations of data and stats.

All data visualizations are infographics, but not all infographics are data visualizations

Tips & insights for creating high-value, cool & awesome infographics

  1. Having a publishing platform onsite, such as a blog, where the infographic can be published and marketed is imperative for driving increased traffic.
  2. Understanding the needs of your target audience and then providing valuable graphical content based on those needs helps build brand and maximize traffic gains.
  3. When designing and gathering data for an infographic ask yourself, “is this information something that the primary customer type needs, would be searching for, and would take time out of their day to engage with? Or is is simply something that would get a “oh that’s cool shoulder shrug”.
  4. Infographics that contain at least 4 primary content areas have a much higher engagement than those that have only 1 or 2.
  5. Well done infographics + social media + SEO outreach programs can drive tons of targeted traffic.
  6. When done correctly Infographics increase user engagement metrics such as pageviews and time-on-site.
  7. When done correctly Infographics build brand awareness within a targeted audience or customer type.
  8. Infographics that include stats as well as how-tos or guides do exponentially better than those that just include stats.

If you would like more information about infographics feel free to look at our articles such as our Infographic Case Study, The 3ds of Infographic Design, or if you want an infographic designed let us know

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  • Richard

    Thanks for sharing, I agree on most points…point 4 seems a little ambiguous, infographics with one chart reflecting key content area(s) seem to get most uptake regardless of 2-4 key content areas (according to research from Visually).

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