9 Places To Find Design Inspiration To Get You Out Of A Design Rut

What is design? Webster’s dictionary has several meanings from a scheming plot to a mental project. But if you think about it, design is everywhere. It pieces together a bridge over water, erects cathedrals from rock and gives a toothbrush its resting place.

Drawing inspiration for design is as simple as taking in the world around us. But if you’re sitting at home in need of motivation, the Internet provides a rich environment accessible to anyone seeking a new muse.

This list is a compilation of online sites encouraging your mind to awaken with creativity. A few are already familiar, but will offer new insights to how you can find inspiration through them.

1. Awwwards


Awwwards recognizes incredible web designers through the promotion of their work. Projects are judged by design, creativity, usability and content by some of the top designers, bloggers and Internet agencies in the world.

The site is an interactive community of global designers, and displays a mecca of breathtaking websites to peruse through. Inspiration comes in such large doses one has to disconnect before losing hours in its depth.

2. Design to Inspire

desire to inspire

Design to Inspire is dedicated to interior design. It was birthed by love from two women living across the world from one another, but both passionately obsessed with “the perfect room.”

Canadian, Kim, and Australian, Jo, found one another on Flickr back in 2006 and have been dropping jaws ever since with their beautiful blog. Get ready to dream of building your fantasy home and take in spectacular design elements.

3. Vernacular Typography

vernacular typography

Typography buffs everywhere, hold your breath. Vernacular Typography is a Kickstarter campaign founded on the love of “found lettering.” Brooklyn native Molly Woodward believes overproduced signs and advertising are making local and handwritten signs disappear thanks to large corporations and standard design. The campaign has sent her from Argentina to Italy to document these “endangered” signs.

It’s not the typical typography website which explains why its so irreplaceable. Instead it presents a range of typography, design, history and plenty of substance to get the creative juices flowing.

4. Pinterest


If you aren’t familiar with the name, then you’ve been hiding under a rock, in a cave, far below civilization. Pinterest insanity is taking over social media and marketing. Women flock to it in droves and men will be soon.

But if the search is for design revelation there is a wealth of unlimited resources for every variety of it. Clothing, architecture, food, furniture – you name it, it’s on Pinterest.

And if you don’t believe me, click on the designated Design tab, or type a few words into the Search bar. But be prepared to be pulled in.

5. Dribbble


Dribbble was created by a guy who wanted to play basketball, but found himself nose deep in the software development industry instead. Failed dream? Definitely not.

Dribbble is an ever-evolving site geared towards creating a community of web and print designers to congregate and share knowledge, feedback and design. Creatives upload their work process and members offer commentary on its direction and form.

It is the art studio away from home, in your home, and anyone looking for extra spice can peruse the beautiful depictions.

6. Twitter

ahna twitter

bill twitter

Familiar with Twitter? Awesome. Not? Even better.

Twitter was one of the first tools to spread the insanity of Search and placate anyone willing to throw in a few terms.

Regardless of what type of inspiration your fancy seeks, test the capabilities of its Search engine and within seconds your tedium will disappear. You’ll discover websites previously unearthed and article compilations directed toward every design necessity.

7. Creative Nerds

creative nerds

If you are a web or print designer on any level, Creative Nerds should be a nutritious piece of your world.

It parades an endless supply of templates, icons, how-to’s, plug-ins, freebies and has an excellent newsletter. Inspiration? Forget it, you won’t know where to look first!

8. Behance


If you haven’t met Behance, you are 100% missing out.

It’s a network for every type of multimedia artist – video, audio, text, and everything from Graphic Design to the Fine Arts. Professionals upload their work and viewers swarm in to check it out. And with exposure ranking at 15x similar sites, swarm is a literal term.

It will infuse you with vibrant ideas and concoct incredible discoveries.

9. Co.Design by Fast Company

Fast Company Co Design

Fast Company’s Co. Design blog has turned into an epic whirlpool of talent, filled with every type of magical design in the world.

The articles are a personal inspection of the designers, their thoughts, ideations and reasons for birthing their genius ideas. With Co. Design it’s not just about falling in love with a design, but getting gooey about the designer. Inspiration is gained through a different medium – another artist’s mind.

The world of design is amazing and inspiring on many different levels because it covers every aspect of our lives. Whether you are in search of another muse or simple want to challenge yourself, take the time to jump online and check out some of these remarkable sites.

Are we missing anything undeniably fabulous? Please share the hiding places of your own pools of creativity.


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    Thanks for the resource!

  • Thanks so much for letting me know! I’m happy to hear you found the list inspirational, and btw I dig your website – great colors :)

  • Web Design Melbourne

    nice list.. Thanks

  • Appreciate your feedback, thank you! Feel free to add to the list :)

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