Meet Charles @CharlesBivona: A Poet Saved By Social Media

There are few people I’ve come across in the online social community that are as memorable as Charles Bivona. His humor and persona are not for everyone, but that’s what makes him so unique. He RT’s opinions he agrees and disagrees with equally, writes 140 character poems to his followers and sympathizes with anyone in pain.

Twitter For Automotive: @FavourAuto Favour Auto

It is not easy to find small business accounts on Twitter thru the native Search function. Those at the top have thousands of followers or someone famous in the thumbnail photo. Favour Auto has incredible potential to blow the competition away if they utilize what is working and dispose of what is not.

Meet Jeff @BarrettAll: CEO, Professional Funny Guy & PR Wiz

There are few people capable of being truly hilarious, yet extremely productive. But if anyone is ripe for the position it is Jeff Barrett. Being a CEO and creating innovative ways to reach mass audiences while writing for Mashable and The Washington Times are just a parcel of what Jeff gives to the world.

Meet Aaron @AskAaronLee: Social Media Rockstar

With great pleasure I introduce a fellow foodie and amazing social media marketer, Aaron Lee. When social media first became relevant in my world, I remember seeing Aaron’s profile plastered all over the Internet – people love him.

6 Fabulous Mobile-Ready Fonts

Who’s your daddy? Mobile is your daddy! And your business mobile website needs to look gooooood. Why? Because mobile Internet is the newest, coolest hangout where consumers are spending more and more of their time. By the year 2015, more than 50 percent of web sales will be generated from social and mobile web sites.

10 Free Fonts for Typography Lovers

There are few additives relating to design I love as much as typography. But I have to admit, I am still a newbie when it comes to explaining it the way the experts do. It’s not easy to articulate why a font appeals to you, or why it belongs in a certain place.


Meet Shauna @ShaunaReporter: Freelance Multimedia Journalist

This week’s interview is a bit different from our previous interviewees. Shauna Stuart is a multimedia journalist who is making a name for herself online through social media and her incredible storytelling instincts. She is vivacious, intelligent and makes sure to add nothing but value to the lives of her followers.


Meet Kevin @KP_Kelly: The Social Media Marketer

I am very excited to introduce a man whose energy and passion for the social media community is only matched by his obsession for running and coffee. Kevin is outspoken, humorous and extremely engaging. He works hard for his clients, is not afraid to say hello and has been on the social media scene since its inception.


Social Media Tool Advice From Social Media Directors & CEOs

When it comes to social media management tools, the truth is, there is no best. Tools gain and lose popularity on a daily basis and although some have lasting power – they are a select few. The most relevant variables to consider when choosing a tool are the type of person using it and the purpose of its use.

Twitter for Small Business Part 1: Setup and Terminology

If you are a small business owner, you have probably been watching social media explode. At first it was considered a trend, then a new way to communicate with friends and family, and now it is the most effective way to advertise and communicate with the people you value most: your customers.

9 Tips To Build A Successful Facebook Fan Page

Making the decision to promote yourself or your business through Facebook fan pages is exciting. Facebook boasts a network of over 845 million people worldwide, and there are many reasons to become a part of the community on a professional level.