Our content strategy agency and copywriting company believes that high value content is what fuels SEO and social media campaigns. Each piece of content should have a defined goal and target persona – which are both defined when structuring your content strategy for the web. Below you will find the content strategy services our agency provides – including content audits, seo for web content, and consulting services to help you build high-value content assets for your users, that also rank well in the search results.

When planning to add new content to a website or optimize legacy content sets, you should always start by building a content strategy based on goals and focus. Having a focused content strategy framework will help define which high value topics should be targeted based on your goals, how best to market the content assets by defining a distribution map, and how to strategically include the content on your website to best align with how your customers think.

Content Strategy Audit

All content strategies for the web should start with an in-depth content audit. This is the process of evaluating the content, with a content strategy checklist, that is currently on your website to gain insights into how your current content is performing, how it can better be optimized, and where their might be gaps in which additional content will be needed to compete.

Our content audit and content strategy deliverable includes assessments of the content on your website based on the analysis types below. We then provide an easy to understand content audit spreadsheet with an accompanying executive summary that explains how your website’s assets can better provide value to your users and the search engines.

Inventory Audit

This content strategy deliverable is done to get a idea of the types of content that live on your website, the first step is doing a content inventory audit. This helps us understand the content types that you have on your website, and how they are organized throughout the structure of your website.

Features Audit

Understanding the assets on a page and how they interact with the primary goal of the page is important. The features audit records and analyzes how relevant each pieces of content is in terms of interaction value with another.

Editorial Notes

The editorial notes section of the audit points out any negative editorial characteristics that your content contains.

Content Quality

The quality of your content is how users and search engines alike will judge the value your website has for them. We break out content into 4 buckets (ROT, Irrelevant, Walled Off, and Valuable Content) to better describe the content set and areas that need to be addressed to help build value.

SEO Value

This content strategy deliverable will analyze each page for content hierarchy, user intent matching, and keyword usage in the key areas that align with positive onsite SEO – title tag, alt text, header tags, body copy.

Content Page Rating

We give you an easy to understand rating for the content on your website. This will outline different groups of content and the value that each brings to your business. It will allow us (and you) to see issues with pieces of content as well as content sets as a whole which defines the value your content set brings to your website and business.

Edit Effort

With each piece of content we will define the rating as outlined above, as well as the effort to edit 0-5 (0 being no edits needed, 5 being needs to be rewritten or deleted).