Facebook For Spas: Case Study The V Spot Nail Spa @VivianRivera9

Managing a Facebook Fan Page can be intimidating, but your business can be successful with a strategy, time and some good ole creativity.

This small business Facebook fan page evaluation was conducted in an effort to show active examples of what works and what needs to be changed.

Facebook Case Study: The V Spot Nail Spa

Who are they:

“ The spot where distinction and beauty convene. ”
The V Spot Nail Spa Facebook Page


  1. The profile picture is an illustration of a woman walking. Her head is looking down; she is dressed in a mass of bright-colored stripes and holds a large handbag. This picture does not signify a nail salon. It appears the salon logo will not fit neatly into the profile picture due to its rectangular form. Therefore, it would be wise to devise a way to incorporate the logo into a square, since most social networks have square shaped profile dimensions. These squares become the thumbnail representatives of a business and are responsible for making it easy to be recognized in the online community. A business logo is the best choice.
  2. The bio adequately describes the business in every way. The About and Description section content are (again – see Remix review above) mixed up, but V does an excellent job of describing their salon.
  3. The cover picture is where V chose to display the business logo, but it is blurry and out of focus. From a design standpoint, the cover photo needs to be reformatted to look professional. In the perfect scenario, the profile picture will display the logo and the cover picture would be an inside look at the salon or a particular service. The cover should be used to lure new fans in – fill it wisely.

Timeline Action since July 1st:

    1. V Nail Spa does an excellent job of posting lots of pictures with interesting captions. There are lots of calls to action and followers talked – they left 12 comments in total. However, 4 of those comments were not replied to. Not responding is NOT an option for any business. Always respond.

Most of the posted pictures were professionally taken by other brands. V needs to mix it up. Generate more fans by getting client permission to post pictures of their newly manicured nails. Think about it - the customer will go home, Like the page, Like the picture and may even share it. But regardless, their Facebook friends will see where the client got her nails done. Free advertising = Brilliant!

  • There were 5 regular posts and all of them were about the salon. It is good V knows how to promote, but the content should not strictly be about the business. Throw in some industry news about health or products, upload some how-to videos and show off the employees – feature one every month. Have them answer five basic questions and run a special on what they do best. Let followers make personal connections and they will flock to the page and the business.
  • Tell the story of the salon and show who is behind it. Fans know it’s the V Salon, but where did V come from? Why did V decide to open up a nail salon? Use the timeline structure to tell the story of the business. The page suggests a fun atmosphere with the colorful photos and friendly commentary, but amp it up. Don’t let the heart of the business hide behind the page – share it.
  • There is no community promotions, advertisement or interactions taking place. V is missing out by not sharing news from the community. Team up with local businesses and promote one another. Ask clients where they work, find out if cool events are going on and support them. Nail salons are the place where tongues wag, so become a resource in the community and spread the love. Small businesses work extra hard these days to be successful – help one another out.
  • Stats since July 1st: 21 updates (16 pics, 5 regular post), 0 shares, 70 Likes on content, 23 new fans.



The V Spot Nail Salon is doing an incredible job with its Facebook fan page. But V cannot allow comments to go unanswered and should mix up the post materials. With such a fun business, there is plenty for the V to get creative with.

In conclusion:

What did you think about these evaluation? Did I miss anything important or do you have any ideas to share with the business? Feel free to share!

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