Insights For Creating Successful Website Content

With the ton of content we have created for clients or for our own sites ranging from traditional articles to videos and infographics we have gained some positive insights in terms of content creation and content marketing. Below you will find a quick scannable list of some of the more valuable insights and learnings we have gained over the years that will help you in your content creation process.

Insights For Creating Website Content That Is Successful

  1. Provide value for users above all else.
  2. Total words for an article is not something to focus on, value of the article is key (in most cases you will find it difficult to provide value if you only write a few hundred words).
  3. Uniqueness and quality means little if the content is not valuable.
  4. If you are bored with the article your users will probably be too.
  5. Longer in-depth articles are great for both search engines (Googlebot Persona) and users (Your Persona Set), but you need to make them scannable by structuring them for users who have a short attention span.
  6. Adding images and videos to articles dramatically increases their engagement in most cases.
  7. Creating valuable content will naturally earn your website links and social shares.
  8. Writing for your primary persona set or customer type will help drive sales.
  9. Write helpful articles that are tailored at solving a key problem of your primary customer type. Web search interest in “how to” has doubled in the past five years, while web search interest in “news” and “reviews”, by comparison, has remained relatively flat, according to Google Insights for Search.
  10. Balance evergreen content with timely content.
  11. Keyword research is still valuable.
  12. Marketing your valuable content to industry influencers through social media and blogger outreach dramatically increases its reach.

Anyone have any other insights for writing content?

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