[Video] What is the Ideal Keyword Density, Directly From Matt Cutts at Google

What is the ideal keyword density: 0.7%, 7%, or 77%? Or is it some other number at has been defined by Google and other search engines?

What is the correct keyword density for seo, is keyword density real, or does keyword density even exist in the Google algorithm for SEO? Below Matt Cutts, lead spam engineer at Google answers these questions.

Ideal Keyword Density Video Summary

Some people think there is some exact number or one recipe that you can just follow that like baking cookies and if you follow it to the letter you will rank number one, and thats just not how it works. So if you think you can say you are going to have 14.5% keyword density and think that I will rank number 1, thats really not the case, thats not the way search engines ranking work.

So the way that modern search engines work, at least Google works, is the first time you mention the keyword, hey thats pretty interesting its about that word, the second time you mention that word, ok its still about that word, and then when you start to mention that word a whole lot it really does not help you, there’s diminishing returns. What you will find is that if you mention it to much, you get into a negative situation, and the risk of being seen as keyword stuffing, or just gibberish increases.

So the first couple times you mention the keyword, yes that can help with your rankings, but just because you mention it 7 or 8 times does not mean it will help your rankings. – @mattcutts

So the way to think about it is think about the keywords you want in your copy, make sure your copy is long enough to work those keywords in throughout the copy in a natural way and not an artificial way. Read it to someone, ask if it sounds ok and make sure it reads correctly.

If you’re one of these guys where all you are doing is… I know your interested in red widgets, because red widgets are the best to have. If you’re an expert on red widgets then you’ll know that the best source of red widgets is, blah blah blah. Then that’s really going to far… That’s the sort of area that we want to make it hurt a little if someone does that. – @mattcutts

So Matt would love it if people would stop obsession about keyword density, there is not a hard and fast rule. He suggests if the person is talking about keyword density and that they are saying there is a hard and fast rule, that they are probably trying to sell you some keyword density software.

Tip: Make sure you have the words on the page you want to rank for, and make sure they read naturally and you should be in pretty good shape.

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