How to Create a Personal Brand: 19 Tips To Build Your Personal Brand

Building your personal brand is key to having a long productive business life, and affecting others in a positive way. At its core, building your personal brand is nothing more than marketing the best parts of your core personality and beliefs in an honest and open way. When done correctly not only do you excel at building relationships with people who believe what you believe, but you also have a positive impact on others lives that lives on well past your business relationship with them.

Machine Learning: 5 Part Series About How Machine Learning Works

There has been alot of talk about Machine learning – most notably for digital marketers and SEOs in regards to recent Google algorithm updates. But have you ever asked yourself “what is machine learning”, or wondered how it actually works? BloomReach engineer Srinath Sridhar walks through probability, Bayesian models and machine learning in this 5 part video series.

Success: How Bad Do You Want It, A Motivational Video by Eric Thomas

Came across this video about motivation that really spoke to me and my mentality – good or bad. There have been days I arrive at Starbucks or a similar coffee shop to get my morning tea at 6am (which is my usual daily routine) and before I knew it, it was 6pm and I had not eaten or looked up from my computer.

The Human Element: Motivation & Passion Behind My Madness

I was meeting with a potential client recently and we got talking about careers and why people choose the path they do in life (yes very philosophical). John said,” I want to give you this business, but you have to answer one thing for me before I make my decision”.

Guest Blogging Tips To Build Value With Content

There are so many sites that could be utilizing guest posting and just aren’t, and many (not all) of the sites that are actually being proactive with guest posts are coming across as mini content farms because they are not thinking about how each post they accept or publish on another site affects their brand, trust, and authority.

Googlebot Persona: The Evolution of Googlebot from Robot to Person

Over the years, as we all know, SEO has evolved. With that evolution of SEO, I think it’s also time to think of Googlebot in a new light. The fundamental concern with Googlebot being a robot is it assumes at a core level that if you put the same thing in, you will always get the same thing out; much like a machine.

Guide To Writing a Business Plan

People planning to start their own businesses are taking a huge step. There are many risks and rewards, and comprehensive planning and preparation are the keys to success in the endeavor.

Best Resources for Todays Startup Business

If you were to ask anyone today what they thought a startup company was, you would find that most often the phrase is associated with high tech and high growth oriented companies. To me, “startup” has become a very common thing type of business even considering todays economy.