YouTube SEO: Basics of Optimizing Videos for YouTube

Many small businesses don’t have the resources to host and serve their videos directly from their website, so the alternative is to create a YouTube page that is optimized for search engines, and place your videos there. Once on YouTube, business owners can then embed the video on their website.


Keyword Research Guide: The Hunt For Valuable SEO Keywords

One of the values that SEO’s (and people who understand how search works) bring to the table, is that ability to find new high-value keyword targets for websites using advanced keyword research and analysis. These keywords are used to define and shape strategies and reach new market segments.

[Video] Google’s Official View on Guest Blogging For Links

With the focused attention by SEOs on guest blogging as a great tactic for gaining links, building brand, and marketing your business, there has been a ton of questions about how Google will react. The video below comes directly from Matt Cutts, Google’s Lead Spam Engineer, about how Google views guest blogging as a link building tactic.

Content Methodology: Creating Unique & Quality Content Isn’t Enough Anymore

As online marketing evolves and earned media (Social and SEO) becomes a driving force for businesses, it is important that our SEO and content methodology changes as well. As we wrote about in our “Evolution of Google from Robot to Persona” article, not only is the user expectation evolving from simply a quality design or unique content mindset, but so is that of the bots.

Content Calendar: Tips for Creating an Editorial Calendar

One of the best ways to avoid writer’s block is by creating an editorial calendar. You skip all those sessions of staring at a blank computer screen and get down to business generating content. You don’t have to wonder about what you’re going to write next, with an editorial calendar, the decisions are already made.

Easy Infographic Ideas: 5 Places To Find Data to Make Cool Infographics

Identifying infographic ideas are sometimes the hardest part of creating a cool, interesting, and engaging infographic that is relevant to your local business. As we mentioned previously there are many benefits of infographics that include increasing brand awareness, building links to your website, and building social communities around your online property.

Fixing Your Content Affected By The Panda Update

Was your site impacted by the Panda Update? Do you know how to fix it, or at least how to do a basic content audit to come up with a strategic path to help your content rank better again. Below are a set of questions to ask during your content audit that could help you fix your content if you were affected by the wide spread Panda update.