[Video] Google’s Official View on Guest Blogging For Links

With the focused attention by SEOs on guest blogging as a great tactic for gaining links, building brand, and marketing your business, there has been a ton of questions about how Google will react. The video below comes directly from Matt Cutts, Google’s Lead Spam Engineer, about how Google views guest blogging as a link building tactic. Continue Reading

Content Methodology: Creating Unique & Quality Content Isn’t Enough Anymore

As online marketing evolves and earned media (Social and SEO) becomes a driving force for businesses, it is important that our SEO and content methodology changes as well. As we wrote about in our “Evolution of Google from Robot to Persona” article, not only is the user expectation evolving from simply a quality design or unique content mindset, but so is that of the bots. Continue Reading

How Infographics Help Your Site Gain Links, Increase Traffic, and Build Brand

Since 2006, when the first ‘viral’ infographic was launched, Internet users and SEOs alike have become avid fans of these creative designs. Infographics are a great way to visualize large amounts of information and are a cost effective method for gaining a wide variety of inbound links and traffic to your site. Continue Reading