Video SEO For Self Hosted Videos

In the past video SEO has presented an interesting challenge for SEOs as it’s widely accepted that Google cannot completely see or understand the content contained within videos. However, the popularity of video with consumers, and the correlation with an increased conversion rate, indicates that it should not be omitted from a marketing campaign.


Black Hat SEO Tactics: 8 Strategies You Never Want To Hear Your SEO Company Say

So you are evaluating an SEO company for a new project and as you are talking to them about their strategies, you hear some things that make you wonder how ethical they are, if they are doing black hat SEO tactics, and how well they actually know what it takes to do User-Focused SEO – the only long term, low risk SEO strategy.


The Only Two Jobs of An SEO Professional: Guiding Principles of SEO

There are so many tactics around SEO, and what defines the job of an SEO. If we take a step back and forget all the in-the-weeds tactics that get SEOs in trouble, all the myths and uneducated theories that give us a bad reputation, and methods that cause us to focus on chasing algorithm updates, and instead focus on what is really important, the guiding principles of SEO become clear.


Why Don’t I Rank In Google: How Does Google Rank Websites

We have all been confused with the Google search results, causing ourselves to ask, “why don’t I rank in Google?”, and inevitably the question, “how does Google rank websites?”, will be explored. We as SEO’s may not know all the reasons a website ranks within Google, but through testing we have found some strong correlations for why sites don’t rank. This correlation gives us high level insight into how Google Search works and how Google ranks websites.


SEO Integration Points to Lower Risk of Traffic Loss During a Redesign

We have been asked many times, “When should SEO be brought into the process of a website design or redesign?”, to which we reply, “When planning begins.”. Yet to this day one of the most frustrating things about being an SEO strategist, is when we are brought in at the end of a website design or redesign – after the strategy has been defined, designs have been approved, and content written – and asked to “SEO the site”.


The New Definition of SEO: User-Focused SEO and Its Goals

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? There has been a range of different definitions of SEO, yet through it’s evolution most of them have not changed to keep up with the changing search landscape. So, we thought it was time to redefine SEO with users at the center of the strategies – just like Google does.


Cheat Sheet: SEO Client Qualification Questions Template

When working to qualify potential SEO or web design clients it’s important to ask the right questions. This discovery phase helps ensure you can provide the most value to the client, as well as making sure they are able to support and execute your digital strategies – thus getting the most value from you.


Ecommerce SEO Tips: User-Focused SEO Strategies For Deleted Products

The flow of products in and out of Ecommerce websites can be a challenge when trying to retain SEO value, build brand, and satisfy the users intent. The management of this consistent change can sometimes fall by the wayside – causing a loss in value for SEO and an increased frustration for users.

The 7 Steps To Creating A Google Reconsideration Request

So your site has been de-listed from the search engines or your rankings have drastically dropped. You’re losing money, you don’t know why Google would do such a horrible thing to your website. The time has come to submit a reconsideration request to Google to explain your situation.

The Real SEO Value of URLs: Keywords, Clickthrough, & Social

I get asked weekly about URLs and the value they have from an SEO standpoint, or if a business should pick an exact match domain over one you will need to establish as a brand. We have all been told that keywords in the URL hold some weight in Google’s Algorithm.

Big Brand SEO: Brands Need To Become Publishers To Succeed

As SEO evolves it’s imperative that not only small businesses understand and adopt the changing landscape, but brands do as well. Traditionally brands have relied on their “brand authority” to take over the search results for non-branded keywords, and much to our surprise Google has allowed it to happen.

New Page Creation Checklist Guide For SEO

Below you will find a basic QA SEO checklist for new page creation. It acts as a reference and guide for development, programming and QA teams to ensure that each new page contains all the basic SEO elements.

DIY SEO: Small Business SEO Tips

Running a few small businesses and a couple start-ups myself is exciting and quite the roller coaster for many reasons. I have been doing SEO for close to 9 years and have seen the evolution over time, and the complexity increase with the evolution.

SEO And The Amazon Paradox

It was there all along and we unknowingly walked past. Apple’s reinvention of music and the phone created distraction. “Shock of the new” toys romanced us. In fairness, they are cool, empowering things, but the real revolution was happening quietly 850 miles north from Apple’s headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino.

SEO Tips For Optimizing Job Listings to Lower Recruitment Costs

Recruitment refers to the process of attracting, screening, and selecting qualified people for a job. For some components of the recruitment process, mid- and large-size organizations often retain professional recruiters or outsource some of the process to recruitment agencies.

Google Sitelinks: Where Do They Come From & Can You Change Them

We get asked this at least once a week by clients or prospects “where do the links under the first Google result come from?”, or “how do I get Sitelinks to show up for my site?”. So we decided to give our readers a resource guide for Sitelinks to answer some of the questions they may have about the Google feature.

Why Submit Your Sitemap To Google

Ever wonder why you should submit your sitemap to Google and the other search engines, or if there is really any value in doing it? We explore those questions and more in our examination of HTML and XML sitemaps.

Hit Counters: Why You Should Never Use Website Hit Counters

We have all seen those little counters on the bottom of older websites and blogs that count the number of “hits” (which is a word that nobody should use anymore) a website gets. Back in the 90′s during the time of GeoCities and other free site platforms these free hit counters were a big deal and became the “cool” thing to do.

What User-Focused SEO IS, and What it is NOT

Many businesses think SEO is all about the small things; the title tags, the description tag, the rankings, or the XML sitemap. These are all parts of SEO, but by only focusing on these minor things, businesses are missing the big picture about what SEO is really all about.