Comment Marketing: Marketing By Joining The Conversation

participating in the conversation by commenting is a powerful marketing practice that can help build your brand as a writer and drive traffic to your website. The problem that arises, is since Google focuses heavily on links within their algorithm and comments have a low barrier to entry for getting those links, comments quickly get filled with spam and links.

Get In The Best Company

With the amount of spam that riddles the comment threads, it’s important to align yourself, as a writer and marketer of your business, with the people who are actually commenting to have a conversation. You don’t want to be placed the same company as a spammer, as it can hurt your brand as a business, make you less credible, and gets you lumped in with the other spammers who are just out to game the system without putting forth the effort.

Since the goals of the comment are participation and traffic back to your articles, you want to find high quality blogs and sites to participate on that are relevant to the topic of your article.

These sites will have a few metrics in common.

  1. They will have a higher authority – which can be loosely judged by their Google Page Rank, or with tools like the Moz Toolbar.
  2. They will moderate their comments – this means the website or article owners are engaged and care about the conversations that are happening.
  3. They will get a lot of traffic to their site due to their quality and longevity – IMO this is the key metric to look at.

The overall goal of commenting and participating on these type of sites is to capture the attention of their built in community of visitors and readers, market your knowledge, and give them a link to learn more. This can only be done by participating in an educated way with a strong comment and link back to your supporting article. The better the site (the more positive metrics they have, as noted above) the more effort it will take to get your comment to get through their moderators, but the higher the potential payoff.

Websites To Never Comment On

Most of us have heard of “dofollow blogs”. These are blogs that are low quality and do not place a nofollow tag on the links in the comment area. The theory is that these placed links will pass link metrics and help with SEO. Spammers target the “dofollow blogs” to try and game the SEO system by mass commenting on these blogs in hopes that the link metrics will flow through to their site. As a writer and marketer you want to stay away from the dofollow blogs. These blogs are filled with spam, poor conversations, and in almost all cases have been devalued or penalized by the search engines. This not only gives little-to-no SEO value, but it can also put your article and website in the neighborhood of other low quality pages on the web, thus hurting your article and reputation as a writer.

5 Rules For Commenting On Blogs

  1. Be Polite: If someone disagrees with you or you disagree with someone else, don’t be a jerk. Respond with facts and information from your article and follow it with a link to your article that helps prove your side of the conversation.
  2. Don’t Just Link: We have all seen the comments where there is nothing in the comment area but a link to another website, most of the time it’s to an unrelated website that has no relevance to the article. This adds nothing to the conversation, so don’t do it.
  3. Read the Article: If you’re going to comment on an article or quote part of an article in your conversation, please read the article and understand what it’s talking about before you give your opinion and a link to your businesses article that supports or adds to the post.
  4. Be Relevant: This goes along with reading the article. If you’re going to have a relevant conversation you need to know what the article is about and what others have said before you. Think of it like this; if a person out of the blue walked up and inserted themselves in a conversation between yourself and a friend, and just said some random stuff (unrelated to what you two were talking about) and finished by saying, “visit my website at www…”, what would you think. You would probably think the person was crazy, annoying, and do your best to avoid him/her if you saw them again.
  5. Write Something Meaningful: Be part of the conversation. Don’t just write “great article” and add a link to your article, or “I agree” and add your link. Participate in the conversation and write a few sentences before placing a link to one of your related articles that backs what you have said.

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