Our paid search audits will dive into your paid search efforts analyzing campaign structure, advanced settings, keyword strategy, ad copy, bids & position, display and remarketing. A few of the audit questions we use to assess your paid search account are listed below.

When and Why You Should Audit Your PPC Campaign

There’s really never a bad time to audit your account, but there are key moments when it makes more sense. These are:

  • If you’re having performance issues
  • After the same person or team has been managing it for an extended period of time
  • If you feel your current PPC agency is not adding value

A Few Questions We Ask When Auditing Your Paid Search Campaign

Campaign Settings

  • Are your campaigns running for both Search Network and Display Network?
  • Is Enhanced CPC on and is this the right method for the campaigns?
  • What Ad delivery method still relevant?
  • What Ad rotation preference is on?
  • Are you segmenting by device?
  • Is Location targeting correct?
  • Do you have a campaign dedicated to remarketing?

Campaign Structure

  • Are the campaigns and ad groups tightly themed?
  • What proportion of keywords are broad, modified broad, phrase and exact?
  • Do you have a campaign just for branded terms?
  • Have you refreshed your negative list recently?
  • Are you using your campaign budgets effectively?
  • How many ads are running per ad group?
  • Are you targeting the best landing pages for each keyword?
  • Are you utilizing ad extensions: Site links, Call extension, Location extension, Social extension, Review extension
  • Do you have the appropriate match types configured?
  • Has the quality score dropped on any keywords?

Copy Audit

  • Are your ads following all of the advertising guidelines
  • Do your ads have the correct spelling and grammar
  • Do your ads have a compelling message and a strong call to action
  • Have you included various banner sizes and are you using both image as well as text ads?

Landing Pages

  • Do your landing pages look professional and follow best practices?
  • Are you targeting the best landing pages for each keyword?
  • Have you created unique landing pages for different devices?

Metrics Analysis

  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Budget Share vs. Conversion Share
  • Day Parting and Hour Parting
  • ROI
  • Landing Page metrics

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