Pinterest for Small Business: The Do’s and Don’ts

Every social media network has ethical rules to abide by. They ensure a good reputation and assist in getting the most out of your investment.

Pinterest is a unique network in that it is completely visual and allows users to share visual property from all over the Internet. But freedom can come at a cost if the content shared is not done so correctly.

This list serves as a guideline to assist in making the best decisions for your business and gives direction to launching a successful Pinterst account.


  1. Do set up your account correctly. Use your logo or quality photo as the profile picture, add keywords to the About section, and provide a link to the website. We want to know who you are and how to find you, so make it easy.
  2. Do integrate all your social media networks and add a Pinterest button to your website. The more visible your Pinterest account, the more likely viewers and customers will follow along.
  3. Do load up your online profiles with tons of goodies to share. Update old pictures, add in new ones, and upload videos from The goal is to have lots of content to share. The more links to your site, the better.
  4. Do share slideshows and presentation materials IF they are of good quality. Sharing business information can be boringgg, so make it interesting. Give your followers a reason to come back.
  5. Do approach your Pinterest account as a person and not a business. Pinners want to connect with people on Pinterest, not businesses. Share the human side of your business by creating boards expressing what it represents. And show a fun side. Maybe you are obsessed with chocolate – make a dedicated chocolate board. Create a connection.
  6. Do know who your target audience is and find ways to attract them. Every business has a demographic focus, hone in on who they are and what they want to see on Pinterest. Buy some ice cream, have a brainstorming session – make an evening of it.
  7. Do focus on what makes your business unique and determine ways to express it. Spend time researching other businesses in your industry and take note at how they articulate who they are. Big brands like Whole Foods and Chobani are excellent examples.
  8. Do interact just like you would with other social media networks. Follow, follow, follow, and then follow some more. Pin, repin and pin. Click the like button, add a comment, and tag your followers by name ONCE you know them. Repeat.
  9. Do use manners and be polite. Say thank you to those who repin you, answer comments, say a random hello, and make it personal.
  10. Do think outside the box when planning an engagement party for your business. How can you use Pinterest to run a promotion or a contest? Here again, check out what other brands are doing and follow suit with your own twist.
  11. Do be a resource and provide valuable content, always. Whether it is pictures, videos or guides – share content with the best quality. If followers know your business has the goods, the pins will be sought and shared.
  12. Do use Pinterest on the go by downloading the phone app. Show your followers you are engaged, and spread out the pinning times so they do not all happen at once.


  1. Don’t pin copyrighted work. Protect yourself and be respectful of people’s property. When in doubt, attribute the pin to its originator. And don’t forget to protect your own work. Use watermarks for photos or attach copyright information. Be respectful and think ahead.
  2. Don’t oversell your brand. Build your boards with 80% shared content and 20% yours. Brands who solely focus on their products make everyone nauseous. We call it sharing for a reason.
  3. Don’t forget about the importance of SEO. Make sure your hashtags, links and text are SEO ready for sharing and can be linked back to your online sites easily. And make your content easy to locate it by marking them with hashtags and keywords.
  4. Don’t underestimate the power of infographics. Infographics are the newest, coolest way to share information in a power-packed way. Hire someone to create them for your business and share others. Just like little kitten pictures, they draw a awing crowd.
  5. Don’t be tricky about your intentions. If you intend on selling products, use price banners on the pictures. Don’t have ulterior motives and your business will be rewarded for it. Don’t believe me, just ask Etsy – think they are doing pretty good.
  6. Don’t forget to track your repins from your website. You can use Google Analytics or simply It is important to keep track of your progress, and numbers say it all.
  7. Don’t use dull board names. Be imaginative and fun with board names and figure out how to lure the viewer in. Here again, consider your business culture and be original.
  8. Don’t use ugly content. Pinterest does and will judge every bit of shared visual information, especially when it is content from your business website. Make sure the quality is good, the videos are in high-def and graphics look professionally designed. You may have to create a decent amount of content before sharing them, but the investment is worth it.
  9. Don’t be afraid to let your employees get involved. Pinterest is more laid back than other social media networks. Let an employee make their own board every month or express the business from their viewpoint. And don’t be afraid to ask for their opinions on what to do, never know, you might have a Pinterest pro on your hands.
  10. Don’t forget, the wisest thing you can do is watch what other successful businesses are doing and take their lead. Play around with strategies and see what works best for your business.

Above all, DO have a strategy in place before doing any of this. And DON’T listen to everything said.

If you want to read more about Pinterest check out our Pinterest Guide For Small Business or the Pinterest Marketing Ideas Infographic.

Come up with your own ideas and please share anything I might have missed.


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  • Thank you, your feedback is much appreciated! Let me know if there’s anything in particular you would like to read about on LinchPin :)

  • James Perks

    Thank you providing some great basic info on Pinterest, it was really good to read this info and then go back to Pinterest and do some investigation. cheers

  • Awesome, thanks so much for the input, James! Make sure you check out our small business Pinterest case studies we published yesterday :) Cheers

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