Our User-Focused SEO company based in Chicago believe quality SEO needs to be deeply integrated throughout an organization to gain and provide insights; that a website needs a strong foundation that allows for great usability and search engine crawlability; that high-value / user focused content and strategies are the backbone of SEO; and utilizing social channels to distribute your high-value content is a must for gaining rankings metrics.

User-Focused SEO Goals

1. User-Focused SEO is about creating targeted and valuable experiences to earn traffic for high-value keywords.

2. Increase conversions and user satisfaction by creating an environment that allows the user to connect directly with the content that best matches their intent.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process

Foundational elements define goals, provide analysis to help find structural concerns that would keep the search engines from crawling and understanding your current content sets, and help us gain insights that build the marketing side of SEO.


Because we believe that SEO should be integrated across all marketing teams, our mission is to help facilitate this integration by educating internal teams about SEO.

  • Technical
  • Content Strategy
  • Link Building
  • SEO Integration

Define Goals

This stage will define and align campaign goals across marketing channels and digital teams, and provide a baseline report from which we will judge success and gain basic insights.

  • KPIs
  • Success Metrics
  • Primary Goals
  • Secondary Goals.

Digital Audit

Website audits help uncover structural, content, or link building issues, as well as provide insights into your competitor’s SEO and digital strategies.

  • Technical Audit of 20+ Onsite Variables
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Audit
  • Link Analysis

Update and Fix

Based on the website audit, we will create a implementation document for your development team, which will outline the onsite variables that were not in SEO compliance and how to fix them

  • Recommendations Document
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Content Optimizations
  • Competitors list of inbound links

Create Experiences

Content strategy and content creation is built upon the insights that are gained in the foundational portion of the SEO campaign. This includes defining your target persona, and the best content types to use to reach these users.

  • Content Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Infographic Design
  • Digital Asset Creation

Earn Value

Digital PR is about identifying high value partners, building a relationship with them, and helping them help their community by providing high-value content options that speak to their target persona.

  • Define Outreach Prospects
  • Crafting Outreach Communication
  • Building Relationships
  • High-value Guest Blogging

Social Integration

Social media integration is key to focused amplification of content assets by integrating social meta data into your pages. It is also key in building strong social signals to newly created content assets.

  • Social Media Tagging Optimization
  • Social Media Integration Strategy
  • Content Utilization By Social Channel

How Much Does SEO Cost?

One of the questions we get asked often is, “What are your SEO company prices?”. Our answer to this is, “we treat each campaign uniquely, as your goals, website, and needs are unique.” Most of the time we can work within your SEO budget to accomplish your goals, but to be transparent, there are times when we won’t accept your business because the business goals you have outlined compared to the budget you have allotted, do not align – we don’t want to take your marketing dollars if we don’t feel we can help you.

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