We have done many audits for both online and offline universities, and are consistently intrigued by how the SEO for online colleges and universities is fundamentally different than SEO for colleges that are more traditional in nature – which, in theory, should no be much different.

Whether you are one of the top Online Universities such as University of Phoenix, Kaplan, Devry, Capella University, or a smaller online college that is trying to increase enrollment and build brand value, the challenges that Online Universities have with SEO, social media, and content strategy is pretty consistent.

Challenges Universities Have With SEO

  • Competing with Offline Universities for Share of Voice
  • Site Architecture
  • Difficulty Building Links
  • Industry is Plagued With Link Spam
  • Reputation Management
  • Marketing Budgets Skew Towards Traditional Advertising
  • Websites Lack In-depth Content
  • Websites too Far Towards Converting Potential Students

SEO Services for College and Universities

  • Technical Audits
  • This audit uncovers issues that would inhibit search engines from crawling or understanding your college website.

  • Content Audits
  • This type of audit identifies content and keyword gaps, as well as underutilized content assets that your online university could use to position itself as a thought leader.

  • Inbound Link Audits
  • Because many online universities are plagued with spammy links, the goal of this audit is to identify links that could hurt your rankings, as well as identify link building opportunities to strengthen your authority, trust and relevancy.

  • Title Tag and Content Hierarchy Optimizations
  • Optimized title tags, and page layout are key elements in SEO for colleges and universities, and when done correctly, can help drive additional visits from the search engines.

  • Building Frameworks and Governance Policies
  • Governance policies and marketing frameworks will help define rules and guide future content creation, SEO, and Social Media.

  • SEO Training
  • Our SEO foundational strategies include internal training for you marketing teams. This training will help empower them to make decisions that align with high-impact, long term SEO strategies.

  • Video Optimization
  • Videos can be a great way to rank in the vertical search results and within YouTube. We will optimize your college video assets to drive additional traffic and rank within the video search engines.

  • Social Media Management
  • Our team will help manage and monitor your social channels for poor sentiment and concerns.

  • Content Strategy
  • We will identify gaps in content, and create a targeted strategy to help fill those gaps. We also help manage both timely and evergreen content assets to make sure the website stays current, and topical, and focused on your primary personas.

  • Reputation Management
  • Your reputation within the search results, if bad, can inhibit lead generation and trust from potential students. Our goal will be to build your university’s reputation and address the bad press in a way that helps regain the trust that was lost.

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