Our social media company and strategy team in Chicago believes that social media is about building highly valuable communities around your brand by sharing engaging content that aligns with your brand, and speaks to the beliefs and values of the individuals you want within your community – it’s about building loyalty and brand advocates.

At our social media consulting firm we utilize content strategy and engaging conversations to build communities around brands. Our social media teams will help craft a custom social media strategy that accomplishes goals such as increased engagement (Facebook likes, tweets, shares, comments), building valuable communities, or managing and moderating your current community.

People talk about your brand everyday – it’s time to join the conversation.

Build The Community

These steps help define or refine your social strategy based on insights, data, and competitive analysis based on your primary goals and KPIs.

  • Analysis of your online brand presence
  • Identify the best networks for your brand
  • Create social media profiles
  • Create a social media strategy
  • Launch your social media campaign
  • Measure and Iterate

Engage Your Advocates

These steps play a vital role in managing your online reputation, creating brand solidarity, and positively diffusing negative feedback to create an online community that builds brand value.

  • Tracking brand keywords
  • Measuring the sentiment of conversations
  • Responding to positive and negative commentary
  • Publishing engaging assets