Use Google and Yahoo Suggest To Create Content

Keyword research is very important when it comes to creating articles and research topics that people are searching for. It also becomes important when you’re searching for supporting keywords that will add depth and diversity to your research.

Below I have outlined one of our most popular tips in regards to keyword research, adding depth and diversity to your research, and getting the most out of it.

After doing your basic keyword research you have found a topic that you want to write about; lets use the “Civil War” as an example in this exercise. What should you write about? What are people searching for? What are the topics about the civil war that are popular and trending high in Google, Yahoo, and Bing? The 2 tools below will get you this information and help you structure your in-depth research article for the users.

Step #1. Google and Yahoo Suggest

What is Google and Yahoo Suggest? Most people use it, but are not aware that it’s called “Google Suggest” and “Yahoo Suggest”. It is the suggestions that are presented by Google as you type your query in the Google or Yahoo search bar. These suggestions represent the popular/trending searches for the keyword you’re searching for. In the images below we have typed “civil war” into the Google and Yahoo search boxes (without hitting enter we just let the drop down appear).
Google Suggest

Yahoo Suggest

These suggestions in the drop down menu can and should be utilized as your header tags and section headers of your research paper. Using these suggestions as section topics to write about in your research article, along with some you might want write about, that you have come up with, is a great way to make sure your research gets people the information they want about a specific topic.

Step #2: Wordtracker Question Tool

What is the Wordtracker Question Tool? People often type questions into search engines. Now you can find these questions, answer them and help someone get the answer they were searching for. You’ll be targeting long tail keywords and providing content that readers want to read and link to. This tool will help you find and target the longer tail keyword phrases and questions that should be included within each section of your research. We have done a search for “Civil War” in the Wordtracker Question Tool as shown in the image below. What you will notice is a couple things with this tool. It will target longer tail keyword phrase, but some of them might have enough search volume (such as the first results below) that you might want to make them a section header and create an entire section about the question and answer pair in your research.

Wordtracker Question Tool

Once you have done a search there will be at most 100 questions (some may be duplicates) but you can scan though the results and get some great supporting keywords and keyword phrase to include in your research sections. You can also use these to write a “Trivia” or “Q&A” section in your research to add fun things for your site visitors to interact with.

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