[Video] Google’s Official View on Guest Blogging For Links

With the focused attention by SEOs on guest blogging as a great tactic for gaining links, building brand, and marketing your business, there has been a ton of questions about how Google will react. The video below comes directly from Matt Cutts, Google’s Lead Spam Engineer, about how Google views guest blogging as a link building tactic.


In short, Matt states that if you are guest blogging on high-value websites and providing value and insights with your articles, then it’s a positive marketing tactic. But if you are writing articles that are of low-value and provide no additional insights beyond the obvious, then it will probably be ineffective.

Writing 300 word articles and churning them out just for the sake of SEO or to get a ton of links is a short term strategy and will ultimately be ineffective. As I mentioned here you would not create a horrible TV or Radio spot and expect it to be valuable, so why would you create low value content (content being the new TV or Radio Spot) and expect anything different.

Does Google Take Action on Spammy Guest Posts?

So Google does not mind guest posting as stated above. But do they take action on guest posts that are spammy or provide no additional value to the user?

Once again it goes back to the value proposition of content sets. No matter where you are publishing your content assets they must be insightful, in-depth, and provide value to the end user.

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