[Video] How To Do SEO When You Can’t Create Content

In order to increase SEO value and drive conversions I am a huge believer in creating high-value content that speaks to a website’s primary persona or customer types. But creating content or doing content marketing to help SEO is not always possible. We have all had clients that for any number of reasons (legal, resources, siloed internal structure) can’t always create the high-value content that drives incremental traffic, builds engagement and links, and will ultimately increase conversions. So what do you do when you are not able to add content to a website, but still need to accomplish your SEO goals?

How To Build Website Value Without Adding Content

In this weeks’ Whiteboard Friday titled “No, Content is Not the Only Way”, Rand talks about the strategies of other companies that don’t create content, yet still accomplish their SEO and digital marketing goals.

No, that’s (content marketing) not the only path. It’s a very powerful path, a very popular path. I expect to see a ton of it, and it’s going to be hard to compete against the folks who are good at it. But it’s not the only path. – @randfish

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