[Video]: How to Increase the Odds of Your Content Going Viral

Having a piece of content go viral is a dream of almost every content writer, video producer, or average business person who has thought up an idea like “Will it Blend”. Getting a piece of content has many benefits such as gaining powerful links, driving traffic, and increasing brand recognition. There is not a magic sauce behind getting your content to go viral, but there are some on-page tweaks and tactics you can use to help push it in the right direction. In this recent White Board Friday, Rand talks about how to increase the odds of a piece of content (traditional content, video, infographic) going viral.

…a lot of people think that they can take the same way that they produce content normally, keep on doing that, and sometimes that works, especially if you have a very, very clean site, maybe it’s in a blog format and it’s got nice width. It’s not too hampered by advertising and surrounded by that kind of stuff. But oftentimes you will see that content can perform better when it’s in a separate type of format. – @randfish

Viral Content Video Summary

On-page tactics (Time: 00:54)

  • Make sure you have visual elements
  • Make sure your design is clean and professional
  • Title Catchiness
  • URL Customization

Get buy-in (Time: 4:52)

  • Getting buy-in from influencers this before publishing the piece of content.
  • Including influencers in the creation process.

Topic, Timing and Seeding (Time: 9:20)
So you have created your editorial calendar for your content, got buy-in from influencers and optimized the page for sharing. But when is the best time to release your content to get the best reach and socialization and give it the best chance of of going viral? In this section Rand gives some great tips and stats for increasing reach by understanding when influencers are most likely to share and socialize content.

Rand dives deeper into some more advanced tactics and tips about getting influencer buy-in, on-page optimization tactics and when to actually share to get the best reach. Another well-done White Board Friday from Rand and the team at SEOmoz.

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