Our seo website audit team believes that every digital and SEO campaign should start with a website audit to identify foundational website concerns, and provide a website analysis report that defines a strategy and plan to fix them. We can also provide SEO audit consulting if you have already done an audit and want us to consult with your team on the implementation strategy to fix the issues.

With Google constantly changing their algorithm to eliminate low quality content (Panda Update), sites with structures or metrics that don’t support their large content or product sets (MayDay) or sites that try to manipulate the search results with link schemes or other manipulative tactics (Penguin Update), it is vitally important to do website audits on a regular basis. The benefits of these seo audits, much like getting a yearly checkup at your doctor (to combat health issues), can eliminate or minimize the effect of the Google updates on a poorly optimized or site that is not in good health.

Our website analysis and audit team – consisting of SEOs, social media and content strategists, and developers – analyze and provide a report on close to 50 onsite and offsite variables when doing a website audit, which are grounded in the TLCs of SEO (Technical, Links, Content, Social). We then provide a website analysis and recommendations report covering the following SEO variables that align with our seo audit framework.

SEO Technical Analysis Report

This website analysis report and seo accessibility audit will help identify technical (metrics distribution) problems with your website such as duplicate title tags, duplicate content, or if your web pages are returning an incorrect HTTP status code. Below are some of the data points and criteria in our technical website analysis checklist to ensure your site is healthy.

  • 301 (Permanent) Redirect Analysis
  • 302 (Temporary) Redirect Analysis
  • 404 (Client Error) Errors
  • 500 (Server Error) Errors
  • Pages Where The Title is Missing or Empty
  • Duplicate Page Content Analysis
  • Duplicate Page Title Analysis
  • Pages That have Long URLs (> 115 characters)
  • Overly-Dynamic URL Analysis
  • Meta Refresh Analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • Internal Anchor Text Analysis

  • Pages Where the Title Element is Too Short
  • Pages Where the Title Element is Too Long (70 Characters)
  • Pages Containing Too Many On-Page Links
  • Missing Meta Description Tag Analysis
  • Robots.txt Analysis
  • Meta-robots Nofollow Analysis
  • Meta-robots Analysis
  • Canonical Tags Analysis
  • Indexed URLs Analysis
  • Total URLs Receiving Traffic
  • Internal Anchor Text Analysis

Panda Audit

This SEO content audit helps identify low value content at risk of being devalued by the search engines and caught in the Panda Update. A few of the questions from the website analysis checklist are listed below.

  • Would you trust the information?
  • Does this article have obvious errors?
  • Does this article provide information beyond what others are saying?
  • Is this written by an expert and does it contain insightful analysis?

Penguin Link Analysis

This SEO backlink audit will uncover keyword ranking issues and possible issues that caused (or will cause) your site to get penalized or lose value with Google’s Penguin (over-optimization) Update.

  • Low value inbound link report
  • Competitive link audit
  • Export of your links (up to 10,000)
  • Export of your competitors links (up to 10,000)

Competitive Audit

This audit will uncover your true / real online competition. Knowing who your competitive set is within the search results, and how they’re building value, is important when building your strategies. Our website competitive analysis checklist includes the following deliverables.

  • Real Online Competition (usually not who you think)
  • Keyword Competition Report
  • Competitive Keyword Difficulty Audit

How much does an SEO audit cost?

We often get asked, “how much do your inclusive SEO audits cost?”. This is all dependent on the size of your website – if your website is less than 50 crawlable pages it’s a much cheaper audit than if your website has thousands of pages for us to crawl and analyze.

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